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Blogging Challenge Day 5: Fav Items

Okay, so I'm going to try to get back to a regular schedule for this 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge. But we'll have to see how that goes. With the impending arrival of 4.3 and the new content, focus may be directed on more updates about the new content and any changes to the Fangs of the Father questline.

This daily challenge is an interesting one, its all about my favorite items from the game. Having a difficult time narrowing it down, I decided to do a top 5 list. You may notice, most of the items are, in essence, worthless, save for the nostalgia factor. Call me a sentimental Troll, but I just can't seem to part with some of these items that I spent so long and worked so hard to get. 


Blogging Challenge Day 4: Best Memory

I'm a little bit intoxicated, and today is a bit of a tough day for me, but the fact that it is a tough day for me also influenced my decision to write this. On any other day, thinking about my favorite WoW moment could have been a number of things - the guild BBQ I hosted, Blizzcon with friends, or even our first Rag kill (40m, not the new Rag). But thinking about it today, I thought of another moment, and it sort of highlights an important aspect that I really enjoy about WoW - the connection it can make with people. We make friends with strangers across the country. Whole families play the game and are able to do things together even if they are living apart. WoW isn't just a video game, it is a social tool. But I digress...


Mists of Pandaria Rogue Talents and Specs

Blizzard just released the Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculator, so after all the speculation we now have an opportunity to really see what they have in store for us rogues. One would think that with all the negative rogue feedback, they would have made some changes, and they did. But what were the changes? Why nerfs of course! Well, there was one little buff to a talent in there but really it is only a PvP benefit, as I can't see any raid rogues choosing it.

The new Talent Calculator does also give us a glimpse into what our specialization skills will be, but those too are... underwhelming. I've gone through and pulled out some highlights for review, but with Bashiok saying "We wanted to take... everything... away from... your... gameplay..." (More on that in the summary below) we can see that we have a long road ahead of us.

Oh yea, I don't go into many details regarding Subtlety spec, but that's because I don't raid Sub. The information is here for all specializations however, read through it all and see for yourself:


Blogging Challenge Day 3: First Day

This 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge is certainly keeping me on my toes. With other content to be posted, and the family gathering type holidays (and stabbing to get one of the 3 ASUS Transformers on sale for $250 at Best Buy on Friday morning) I will probably resume this on Monday. Maybe before. Maybe after. We will see.

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

It is tough to remember the actual specifics of the day, but I'll do the best I can. My buddy, and roommate at the time, and I were both big gamers. He had been a fan of several MMOs but I had done my best to stay away from them remembering how addicted to plain-ol' text-based MUDs I was at one time. I had ZERO interest in getting wrapped up into something with spiffy graphics and all. Then came World of Warcraft. My circle of gamer friends were all big into the Blizzard games. We used to have LAN parties and beat the snot out of each other in Warcraft and Starcraft, and played co-op (most of the time anyway heh heh heh) in Diablo. One of the friends got into the beta. We watched him play. And watched. And watched. And wrestled for the keyboard. And watched some more.

Finally, release day! My roommate and I had a running "Hey, thanks for getting me (item name here) for (holiday name here)" deal going, where we just bought ourselves what we wanted and spared the BS (though I do fondly remember our Xmas palm tree). Apparently I got him WoW on release day for Xmas that year. Something was going on and I was short cash so, uh, HE couldn't buy it immediately for me but I had it about three weeks later.

My first day playing WoW, and I was a few weeks behind my friends. I opted to play an Undead Rogue. (Yes gentle reader, this troll you all know and love was not always a troll!) As I said earlier, I had never played a graphical MMO before so I was getting used to the interface and just taking in the scenery. I remember wandering around somewhat aimlessly doing a quests here and there. Those who played in the early days will remember that quest hubs weren't quite as condensed as they are now. Somehow I ended up somewhere in between Brill and Undercity killing bats.  And that's what I was did until I ran into a level 20ish warrior who suggested I go to Orgrimmar.

"What's an Orgrimmar?" I queried. "Here, follow me," he replied. And so I did. He led me to the Zeppelin tower and then further on to Orgrimmar. He gave me a few more pointers and went on his way. I spent about another hour wandering around Org checking everything out before I logged for the night, concluding my first day playing WoW.


4.3 Rogue Gear and Consolation Prizes

Blizzard just posted an official 4.3 Patch Preview which summarizes the upcoming changes, and with the patch just around the corner, I thought I would compile a list of the new rogue gear made available. This information is all from the PTR so is subject to change, however with Blizzard pushing part of the patch download already, I don't expect many changes, if any at all. But this list is just that, a list, a compilation and not a detailed analysis for Best in Slot gear. I have my "napkin math" idea of what will be the best pre-heroic gear based on current stat weights, but those too may change somewhat.

Blizzard's official preview doesn't go into stat specifics, but is more of an overview. It includes a (very) brief preview of the Fangs of the Father quest-line, and an update on how Valor points will be doled out. Now, I'm not opposed to changing how Valor is issued, but one statement Bashiok made stood out: "Our goal with these changes is to move Valor back to the original intent of currency rewards as a consolation prize..."

Now, I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to that statement if, however, it was accurate. But by my napkin math, there are four pre-heroic BiS items that will need to be purchased with Valor Points, two of which have NO ALTERNATIVE. That means, at best, I will still need to buy at minimum two items just to fill empty spots. I'm not certain about other classes, I haven't analyzed the gear of any other class, but any class with Agility as its primary stat is going to need these two items as well. (Again, my data comes from the PTR, so Blizzard may slip a drop or two in before the actual release, but it's unlikely.) So the way it comes across to me has Bashiok saying: "Rogues need a consolation prize." (I see my next headline now...)

Once 4.3 actually hits and we have final numbers we'll be able to fine tune everything and have a more accurate BiS list. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and won't NEED to buy the Valor items to fill empty spots. In the mean time, peruse this and make your own assessments.


Blogging Challenge Day 2: Why?

I can already tell that this is going to be annoying at times, and I am fairly certain that there will be the occasional spaces between days posting. So for the second post of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge we have:

Day 2 – Why you decided to start a blog

Well, this really should be more "Why did I start a gaming blog." A former raid lead suggested I create one during a discussion about their blog (now defunct) but I never got around to it. But that conversation planted the initial idea to fill avoid in quality rogue blogs. Elitist Jerks is a most excellent resource, and Aldriana posts excellent content, mot most players either are not willing wade through all the theorycrafting or are unable to. (Funny timing, someone else thought the same thing about the same time.)  I figured that I could offer information out there that would be a benefit to other rogues. And I could have a place to direct people when they came to me with the same rogue questions.

The timing of the launch also had to do with Blizzcon. I had been tossing a project idea around for a while and wanted to have it up and running before Blizzcon. Well the full features aren't happening, but the basic concept is there, and thus this site was born.

But the site isn't just for others, it is also beneficial to me. Whenever I would get a "new" rogue question, I'd sometimes have to research the answers, and that forced me to delve deeper into the theorycrafting and study of the game mechanics. By having to research those things, it would make me a better player as well. My hopes are that by posting in a public manner like this, I will improve my own game as I research content to post.

And the last reason? For the chicks, man! Chicks dig Troll bloggers. Truth.


Blogging Challenge Day 1: Introduction

So, I've been out of it the past two weeks - sick practically the entire time with two different bugs.  I caught a pretty bad cold when helping a friend move, and that put me out almost a whole week.  Then when I finally felt better, tired of being cooped up for a week,  I went out with another friend and caught a nasty brought into the household by his 3-year-old germ incubator. That one took me out for another week (5 days of which was with no solid food).

And when I return, what do I see? Tikari and Jack (among others) have started this 20 Days of Blogging Challenge. Well I can't let these Alliance whores... erm... these members of the opposing faction get the better of me can I? At first I thought to my self, "Trocar, why would you want to do this? You don't know any of these people on a personal level." But then I figured, what better way to get to know others and for others to get to knwo me. So without further ado, I present...

Day 1 - Introduce Yourself

Hi, my name is Trocar, and I like long walks on the beach, stabbing n00bs with pointy things. Let's see... walking... stabbing... yea, that pretty much covers it. Oh, you want more?


Live Q&A II – A Rogue Perspective

Today's Q&A was on "Class Design & Balance" in the upcoming Mists of Pandaland expansion so there was actually a bit more meat on the bones they tossed the rogues this time. Not a whole hell of a lot, but enough to keep us gnawing.

I was even more prepared this time with (what I thought was) a well crafted question that could be appreciated by all the pure DPS classes. Since I came in a bit later, I scanned the whole log to make sure my question wasn't asked and even added relevant bits from the previous answers given: GC mentioned earlier that you "want to make sure there are pure DPS classes in raids" and that "will take steps to make sure the pures don't vanish." Can you elaborate further on this? What sorts of things will make it more viable to take my rogue over a feral druid that can pop out and drop an emergency tranquility as well as provide the raid with an all around 5% buff? Is this something you plan to address by buffing the utility of pure DPS classes or making their damage a bit above the others to compensate for the lack of utility?

Did we get an answer? Let's take a look shall we?


So ya wanna be Batman? (Rogue Legendary – Part 1)

WARNING: SPOILERS!!!! If you are into all the lore and don't want to know anything about the upcoming story, don't read this. I'll avoid including superfluous lore here, not because I care about spoilers, but because I'm not a lore nerd. (Not that there's anything wrong with liking the lore at all, hell I'm on a RP server!) Also note that this is all based off the PTR. Things are subject to change. More than likely, Ghostcrawler is going to take out his fornication desires on the collective asses of rogues again and make it harder. (They already raised the number of Shadowy Gems required to 333, up from 50, and c'mon it's pretty damn easy so far.) And not all the quests and items are in the Wowhead PTR database yet, so I can't link to them.

Okay, warning out of the way, lets rock...