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Blogging Challenge Day 2: Why?

I can already tell that this is going to be annoying at times, and I am fairly certain that there will be the occasional spaces between days posting. So for the second post of the 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge we have:

Day 2 – Why you decided to start a blog

Well, this really should be more "Why did I start a gaming blog." A former raid lead suggested I create one during a discussion about their blog (now defunct) but I never got around to it. But that conversation planted the initial idea to fill avoid in quality rogue blogs. Elitist Jerks is a most excellent resource, and Aldriana posts excellent content, mot most players either are not willing wade through all the theorycrafting or are unable to. (Funny timing, someone else thought the same thing about the same time.)  I figured that I could offer information out there that would be a benefit to other rogues. And I could have a place to direct people when they came to me with the same rogue questions.

The timing of the launch also had to do with Blizzcon. I had been tossing a project idea around for a while and wanted to have it up and running before Blizzcon. Well the full features aren't happening, but the basic concept is there, and thus this site was born.

But the site isn't just for others, it is also beneficial to me. Whenever I would get a "new" rogue question, I'd sometimes have to research the answers, and that forced me to delve deeper into the theorycrafting and study of the game mechanics. By having to research those things, it would make me a better player as well. My hopes are that by posting in a public manner like this, I will improve my own game as I research content to post.

And the last reason? For the chicks, man! Chicks dig Troll bloggers. Truth.

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