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Blogging Challenge Day 3: First Day

This 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge is certainly keeping me on my toes. With other content to be posted, and the family gathering type holidays (and stabbing to get one of the 3 ASUS Transformers on sale for $250 at Best Buy on Friday morning) I will probably resume this on Monday. Maybe before. Maybe after. We will see.

Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW

It is tough to remember the actual specifics of the day, but I'll do the best I can. My buddy, and roommate at the time, and I were both big gamers. He had been a fan of several MMOs but I had done my best to stay away from them remembering how addicted to plain-ol' text-based MUDs I was at one time. I had ZERO interest in getting wrapped up into something with spiffy graphics and all. Then came World of Warcraft. My circle of gamer friends were all big into the Blizzard games. We used to have LAN parties and beat the snot out of each other in Warcraft and Starcraft, and played co-op (most of the time anyway heh heh heh) in Diablo. One of the friends got into the beta. We watched him play. And watched. And watched. And wrestled for the keyboard. And watched some more.

Finally, release day! My roommate and I had a running "Hey, thanks for getting me (item name here) for (holiday name here)" deal going, where we just bought ourselves what we wanted and spared the BS (though I do fondly remember our Xmas palm tree). Apparently I got him WoW on release day for Xmas that year. Something was going on and I was short cash so, uh, HE couldn't buy it immediately for me but I had it about three weeks later.

My first day playing WoW, and I was a few weeks behind my friends. I opted to play an Undead Rogue. (Yes gentle reader, this troll you all know and love was not always a troll!) As I said earlier, I had never played a graphical MMO before so I was getting used to the interface and just taking in the scenery. I remember wandering around somewhat aimlessly doing a quests here and there. Those who played in the early days will remember that quest hubs weren't quite as condensed as they are now. Somehow I ended up somewhere in between Brill and Undercity killing bats.  And that's what I was did until I ran into a level 20ish warrior who suggested I go to Orgrimmar.

"What's an Orgrimmar?" I queried. "Here, follow me," he replied. And so I did. He led me to the Zeppelin tower and then further on to Orgrimmar. He gave me a few more pointers and went on his way. I spent about another hour wandering around Org checking everything out before I logged for the night, concluding my first day playing WoW.

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