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So ya wanna be Batman? (Rogue Legendary – Part 1)

WARNING: SPOILERS!!!! If you are into all the lore and don't want to know anything about the upcoming story, don't read this. I'll avoid including superfluous lore here, not because I care about spoilers, but because I'm not a lore nerd. (Not that there's anything wrong with liking the lore at all, hell I'm on a RP server!) Also note that this is all based off the PTR. Things are subject to change. More than likely, Ghostcrawler is going to take out his fornication desires on the collective asses of rogues again and make it harder. (They already raised the number of Shadowy Gems required to 333, up from 50, and c'mon it's pretty damn easy so far.) And not all the quests and items are in the Wowhead PTR database yet, so I can't link to them.

Okay, warning out of the way, lets rock...

When you enter the Dragon Soul Raid, right near the entrance, you will see a group of NPCs. One of these NPC's is Lord Afrasastrasz, and he offers you your first quest, "Proving Your Worth." Your raid group will need to be able to get to the fourth Dragon Soul Raid boss, Hagara the Stormbinder, and you will need to pickpocket her to get the Cryptomancer's Decoder Ring. When you first engage, there will be waves of adds to take out before you actually engage Hagara. If your group is on the ball, they can all back out once the last wave is defeated and she will land without engaging your group. Pickpocket her then, or just vanish and pickpocket her at the beginning of combat.

Once you've pickpocketed the Cryptomancer's Decoder Ring, you will need to return to Wyrmrest Temple (the one inside the Dragon Soul Raid) to turn it in. In turn you will get the quest "A Hidden Message," which sends you to the ethereals in your capital city. Talk to the Thaumaturge next to the transmorgrification and void storage folk and give him 10K gold (or threaten to kill him for some snark) to charge your ring. It takes 12 hours to completely charge your ring, and earlier on it was 12 hours PLAYED time, though now it seems you can log out and the ring will still charge.

I chose to continue on to Twilight Highlands to finish as much of the quest as possible. I flew to Corastrasza at the Vermillion Redoubt (inside the big tree), talked to her (read: waded through the RP), and picked up the Singed Cipher. I logged out here to wait out the 12 hours so I could immediately turn it in when I logged back in. (*PVP WARNING* - On PvP servers, this will likely be a gank point, as its a relatively enclosed area that we are forced into. Keep that in mind.) Once the ring is charged you can use it and it will turn the Singed Cipher into Solved Cipher. Turn that in and get the next quest, "To Ravenholdt." Speak with Mostrasz right outside and you will fly to... you guessed it... Ravenholdt.

At Ravenholdt, talk to Mostrasz and get the quest "To Catch a Thief" where your mission is to sneak past the guards and find the Egg. Having a good reputation with them (like any good rogue should) won't help either - they are going to be hostile as you make your breach attempts. The guards are on "High Alert" so just stealthing past them won't do. A ring will appear around your toon, showing you your buffer zone before you are detected. If you do get caught Mostrasz will teleport you back to him for you to start your breach again. Get used to using that here, because it only gets harder later. Mostrasz will be "talking" to you as you work your way in (if you play with game sounds on) guiding you along the way. You will work your way around to the back of the Manor where you will find a coiled rope that will allow you to climb to the roof. Once on the roof you will look for the "Unsecured Vent" to breach the building. Slowly work your way downstairs to the basement, sapping along the way as needed. When you get there, you will find the egg has hatched and Wrathion, the Black Prince, will greet you with a cutscene.

Wrathion will offer you the quest "Our Man in Gilneas" which sends you to find Zazzo Twinklefingers near the ruins of Gilneas City. This lil dooder will give you the "Assassinate Creed" quest sending you in the city to find Hiram Creed. (Note: once you've started this quest, whenever you try to fly, even away from the city, you will get ported back to Zazzo where he'll say something snarky about having to stealth.) Like at Ravenholdt, if you get caught, more than likely you will get ported back to Zazzo, though it IS possible to get killed.

The path I took to Hiram Creed.

The path I took to Hiram Creed.

(UPDATE 12/1/11: This path is not as viable as before as they added a ton of guards along the way. More info on how I infiltrated in my updated post, Dragon Soul Review and Legendary Changes.)

The path I took was to circle around to the southwest dock and steps up by Greymane Court. I circled around the back of the Military District and hugged the wall to enter the compound. This path required me to sap just a few mobs and use distract a handful of times. Once you enter the compound you can engage Creed. Fighting him is pretty straight forward, use all the shadowy tools at your disposal to inturrupt and keep him locked down as best as possible. Once Creed is dead, you return to Zazzo to turn in the quest and get "The Deed is Done" which sends you back to Ravenholdt Manor to collect your first stage daggers, Fear and Vengeance. (*PVP WARNING* - Depending on your server's progression and population, you may encounter several other rogues here. While actually engaging them to gank would cause you to fail and have to start over as well, a well timed sap could break their stealth while you scuttle off further into the shadows.)

Fear and Vengeance - The first stage of the legendary daggers.

Fear and Vengeance - The first stage of the legendary daggers.

Wrathion will then give you "Cluster Clutch" which sends you back into the Dragon Soul Raid to collect 333 Shadowy Gems by looting Elementium Gem Clusters from "creatures" in the raid encounter.

The PTR was down the last time we had scheduled to go in, so I wasn't able to get anymore testing done. I will post more as I get more direct information. This being the PTR, I fully expect them to make this much more difficult, as I was able to complete this whole first phase in just a few hours of actual play time. If they don't change it up any, any rogue with a decent raid group will have the two epic daggers within the first day.

Things to test: Whether or not the Elementium Gem Clusters are lootable through the raid finder if you have already killed that boss during the lockout (very doubtful, even if they are still doing that multiple raid within the lockout dealio); and will it be possible to reset Hagara for a second rogue to pickpocket her during the same raid lockout?

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