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Pickpocketing Rings & Killing Hiram Creed

So, from the jump in hits from people searching for answers on the legendary questline I'm going to make a quick mini-post. First off, you CANNOT start the questline, nor can you pickpocket Hagara, in the LFR version of the Dragon Soul raid.  That out of the way, I can address the biggest question it seems - how to "Assassinate Creed."

I'm going to assume that you already got to Lord Hiram Creed one way or another, and are just looking for tips on how to kill him. For me it was pretty straightforward, I opened with garrote, he's susceptible to interrupts/CC/silence, built CP then used Recuperate. I then proceeded to wail on him, gouging to interrupt un-kickable casts, feinting damage, and dodging shadow breath. I'm using the standard 7/31/3 Combat build, though if you are having problems you could move the 2 points from Ruthlessness into Quickening for the 20% bonus to healing effects. I was flasked, pre-potted with Tol'vir, and used one healing potion mid fight. I also used a macro (will post it at the end) to Kidney Shot and immediately bandage - which only works if you KS him when you aren't standing in the Consuming Darkness. Don't be afraid to spend some money on this, you are already dumping 10k into it, what's a little bit more. Get consumables, Fortitude scrolls, etc! If you have friends that are willing to help they can buff you when you aren't phased, or give you consumables like lock-rocks.

So to summarize:

  • Get and use consumables - flasks, potions, scrolls, BANDAGES, etc.
  • Gouge his un-kickable casts to interrupt them.
  • Keep recuperate rolling ALL THE TIME.
  • Feint damage when you can.
  • Don't stand in purple shit.
  • Don't let him breathe on you.
  • Don't forget to bandage yourself.
  • If you are still having problems, ask friends to help with buffs, lock-rocks, etc.

Here's the macro I used:

/cast Kidney Shot
/use [target=player] Dense Embersilk Bandage

Good luck!

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