Weekly WoW Roundup #2

I seemed to get positive response from last weeks “Weekly WoW Roundup” so I guess it is going to be something I keep doing. There was quite a bit this week, and several “controversial” topics… especially from them damn gnomes.

A personal update, even having cleared Dragon Soul every damn week, because I’m in a 10M raiding guild, I still haven’t graduated to The Sleeper and The Dreamer yet and it is getting pretty irritating. I’m at 272/333 so I need to average 7.625 gems each to be able to finish that phase next raid week… it doesn’t look good. But enough QQ, on to the Weekly WoW Roundup:

Rogue tidbits:

It is always tough when a guild you are a part of breaks apart – I’ve been through it myself on a couple of occasions.  Roark posts about how an ending can become a new beginning in “When a Guild Goes Kablooey.” He also points out that he’s joining the dirty Alliance now, and a gnome of all races, so anyone on Laughing Skull give him a big hug for me. Except when I say “big” I mean “sharp,” and when I say “hug” I mean “dagger.” Here’s a photo for the wanted poster to identify the body.

Squelchy (another damn gnome FFS) has a take on the LFR loot system, and how people are using it. His opinion is that if someone wins an item in LFR and doesn’t need it for some reason, they should pass it to the next highest roller. He also seemed to agree with someone who said they give it to someone who truly needs it as an upgrade, but doesn’t like the fact that large groups will go in and all roll need on an item then pass it to a guildie or other member of the group. I disagree, and here’s why: If I go in to help in the run, I am just as entitled to the loot as anyone else. If I roll and win, I should be able to do whatever it is that I want with it, and that, as seen by the current loot rules set forth by Blizzard, seems to be the official stance on the matter. I don’t really need anything from there except perhaps to build an offset of gear, or to help a guildie get geared up. Why shouldn’t I be able to give it to a guildie? How is that a dick move? So I have better gear than most of the others in the run, I also do more damage and end up carrying much of the bottom end of DPS as well – I have no reason to go in there and provide that support in LFR unless it is specifically to help out a guildie, and neither does most of the rest of my guild! I’m fairly certain that if Blizzard ever incorporates different loot lockouts to disallow this, LFR will lose most of the folk that do most of the carrying. I would wager money that these very things were considered when LFR was developed and they opted to roll it out the way they did. Head over to his article and let him know your take on the matter.

Tikari has been awfully quiet… but unfortunately I don’t think he’s hunting gnomes.

Other tidbits:

Somnar pulled a Brett Favre (pronounced FAV-ree til my dying day but don’t tell Noel at Heals and Headshots) and came out of retirement. But he wants your feedback as inspiration, so head on over and tell him what you want to read about. I guarantee he will be more accommodating than me.

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