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Towel Day Poster Winners!

^&@(&^#@!& Twitter. So the original plan was to compile a list of everyone and randomly draw number to give away a poster and then I'd have an extra to give away for some made up reason - sucking up or whatever. Because I wasn't able to get the twitter stats yet (worst case I should get an automated report on Monday, I hope), I didn't want the Instagram and Google+ folk to have to wait so I'm splitting it up. Sorry Twitter folk, I need to wait until my tickets are responded to or the Hootsuite report comes through on Monday to give away yours.

Combining the Instagram and Google+ entries, there were 116 entries. I alphabetized and drew a number through (Ticket: 1919KSCRL) and the winner of the first poster is Chris Lutz from his Google+ entry!

Hopefully I'll have the Twitter data soon, and if the ticket process doesn't work or the Hootsuite report doesn't have all the info I need, I'll MANUALLY go through and count each retweet to get the right entries. Sorry everyone for all the problems with this, the last thing I wanted to do was disappoint folk on Towel Day. :-(

But wait, there's more! I will be giving away a third one now! I had planned to save it for next year but because of the hubbub I'll give it away when I give away the Twitter one to another lucky recipient. Because of all the extra time it took trying to get the twitter mess sorted out today, I'm running way short on time, but I will make edit and update this page later with a few more details on how that one will be given away.

Again, sorry for all the confusion with the Twitter mess. :-(


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  1. No rush, we’ve got our towels so waiting isn’t a problem as we can lie on them, play with them etc. Thank you for sharing and enjoying.

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