Trocar ganked you! He who stabs last, stabs best.


So you want to know more about the project, eh?

Basically I 'm looking to put together a gaming network that allows players to publish blogs as well as share content with other gamers. Custom subdomains is the key to the fun, and I'll be posting a full list of the ones that you can choose from soon. Right now, each subdomain I set up is something I have to do manually, so if this crazy idea of mine actually takes off, there may be a delay before I can get it set up. Hell, there may be a delay anyway because I do, on rare occasions, go out and do things. But i'll do my best to get things set up as quickly as possible. For now, I will be utilizing WordPress, but the system may change in the future.

There may be some silly requirements to having the free blog like having Google ads on the bottom or something of the like. I don't know yet. I don't want to charge anyone for any of this but I don't want to take it in the shorts if this actually gains interest.  There's also going to be content restrictions like no porn, no hate speech, and no illegal crap. I don't believe in censorship, and if that's your cup of tea, cool, but I just don't want the headache if it becomes an issue. So just be cool, blog about gaming shit, and don't be a dick. I'll be piecing this together bit by bit. As features roll out I can add people to test them out and see how this all is working. More than likely the features will roll out slowly, but who knows.

So, if you want a free  "" subdomain feel free to email me at trocar dot rogue at gmail dot com and I'll get something set up for you as soon as I can. Or, you can wait til I post the full list of domains you can choose from.

You can also sign up on the mailing list for information about the more fully featured site soon to roll out at:

Edit:  Here's the list so far, any suggestions for more?


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