Trocar ganked you! He who stabs last, stabs best.


Ganking vs. Griefing: A Rogue’s Tale

What is ganking? When does it become griefing? Why all the questions? Well this past week I was accused of griefing/camping, and after a bit of thought, I decided that I wasn't going to take those accusations lying down. No I would take them sitting down as I hammered out a strongly worded blog entry about the do's and don'ts of world PvP. So I bring to you: "Ganking vs. Griefing: A Rogue's Tale" also titled, "You're on a PvP Server, Stop Being a Pussy, Its Not World of Peacecraft."

First to clarify... what is PvP? PvP is Player vs. Player combat. WPvP is World PvP, that is PvP occurring in the "world" outside of Battlegrounds (BGs) or Arenas.  I am clarifying this because just the other night a fellow in /2 was asking what people meant by WPvP and being mocked mercilessly. Hey, it's cool if you don't know the acronym as long as you are ready to get stabbed at a moments notice. That out of the way, let's move on, shall we?


Boom. Ganked.

Okay kids, here's the deal. I've been meaning to start a gaming blog for a while now, but have been slacking on it. Why have I been slacking? Not because I don't have anything to say (most who know me can tell ya I'm a mouthy mo-fo), but because I had been trying to get this project rolling for some time now, and the original programmer who was going to work with me on this is no longer available.

So, instead of waiting to start the blog after getting the project rolling, I'm going to start the blog and roll out the project around it. This also means that I'm opening myself up to people to check things out early, and give me more feedback about the project itself rather than just telling me to shut up about whatever I happen to be rambling about.

A warning. I ramble. A lot. I can be in mid-sentence and think of something else and then tangent off and next thing you know I'm discussing the fine nuances of midnight feline ballet when originally I was talking about stabbing people. (not real people - game people... honest.) See, I rambled there... where was I?

So here's the deal in a nutshell: If you want to have a custom subdomain blog, let me know. Right now it is free and I intend for hosted blogs to always be free. I cannot, however, guarantee uptime etc etc etc... in fact, for now, I'm not guaranteeing anything - other than it being free. If for some reason that has to change, advance notice will be given. I'll be posting more info on the "Project" page.

Oh yea, and if you are here reading this? Chances you got ganked at Blizzcon. By me.